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Art Deco Platinum Pin Set with Diamonds
Art Deco Platinum Pin Set with Diamonds

My great-great-grandmother Florence Benedict Lee Stetson bought a brooch when she was about fifty years old. She bought the brooch from a jewelry store near Westchester Country Club, sometime in the early 1920s. The brooch is an art deco style platinum pin set with diamonds. A few years after my great-great-grandmother got her brooch, the stock market crashed. After the crash, my great-great-grandmother lost everything. The only thing they kept was the brooch. This was also the only object she was able to pass down. My great-great-grandmother wore the brooch only on special occasions. Once her daughter turned fifty, she passed the brooch down to her. The tradition of passing the brooch down from mother to daughter has continued all the way down to my grandmother. Eventually, my mother will get the brooch passed down to her. The brooch represents the wealth that my family had before the stock market crashed. The brooch is also important to me because it represents my family history and a right of passage. 

Place(s): Westchester County, New York


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more