Brass Candle Sticks

Sabbath Candle Sticks
Sabbath Candle Sticks

 Many generations back, brass candlesticks, from England, were purchased to be used for Jewish holidays. Passed on from family member to family member, the candlesticks moved from England to Montreal, Canada, back overseas to London, England and today they reside in my home in Rye, New York.
In the past, the candlesticks were used every Friday night to celebrate Shabbat. Growing up, my dad would go to my great grandmother's house every Friday night to eat dinner and celebrate the day of rest, Shabbat.
 The gold color of the brass emphasizes the light of the candles on top of the old candlesticks. England and a serial number stamped on the base of the candlesticks can provide much more about the story of the candlesticks, they can show how they were made, where the materials came from, and where they were made.
Passed on from my great-great-grandmother to my great grandmother to my mom, these candlesticks brought traditions and memories from where they originated to my daily life using the candlesticks to celebrate many Jewish holidays.

Place(s): England, New York, Montreal


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more