Relationship: Im/migrant

  My Family and I moved  from Ethiopia to United States in 2011. We gather to take many things that related to our culture or religion. For example we know that the male clothings could be find in everywhere in America however since our muslim female clothings are different from the western women's clothing we took a lot of women clothing but one thing that we still have in our home for last seven years is the holy Quran. Quran is the holy book of the religion of Islam. We get the Quran because we have different perspective of america before for example I thought it will be impassable to find Quran store since it’s not a majority muslim country. This object is so important to me and family because it is a part of our identity and it’s the basic education you learn from early age. When you take such book with you to new place it reminds you of who are and where you come and knowing yourself makes your life meaningful.        

Place(s): Ethiopia, Minneapolis
Year: 2011

– Nur Hassan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant