Box-Faith University

My name is Nicholas. I was born in San Antonio TX, but I was raised in a pacific island near Africa called Guinea Equatorial translated to ‘’Equatorial Guinea.’’ and thus I am Tri-Lingual (Spanish ,English an French) I am 3rd generation American, and the possessions of what I have brought in America were a traditional shirt and a box given to me by my grandfather and my grandmother’s sister.

Though they weren’t the ideal gifts they didn’t mattered at the time to bring to a foreign country, I took it as consideration because I got it from them.

It is later on that it was the most important thing because I really became fond of what my grandfather accomplished. At his prime years same as my age now (17) he travelled all around the world, and speaks 8 languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Meridian, Russian, Italian, Fang  thus owned a university called ‘’Faith University’’ now he is writing a book called ‘’Porque Africanos no saben Matematicas’’ (‘’Why Africans can’t learn math’’).

The box I have to day of him I withhold the most precious memories in (Such as photos, bracelets, birthday cards) moreover I wear the shirt that honors my country.

It reminds me were I came from, and for that I will never forget.

Place(s): Equitorial Guinea

– Nicholas

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant