Bowler Hat and Top Hat

In Attire
This is a New York Knox Bowler Hat.
This is a New York Knox Bowler Hat.

I brought in a Knox New York Bowler Hat and Collins & Fairbanks Top Hat for my family artifact.  The hats were passed down to my mom from my great-grandfather Michael Cornelius Horan.  He immigrated from County Kerry, Ireland, to work for Whitin Machine Works.  He moved to America because he was poor and wouldn’t be able to support a family working on his family farm.  On the farm, they grew plants and produced milk from sheep and cows. Also, he moved because he wouldn’t inherit his family’s farm.  This is because he wasn’t the oldest child.  So, he decided to travel over boat into the city in Boston.  Then, he heard of a job opening for Whitin Machine Works.  He worked for the owners of the town I used to live in called Whitinsville, Massachusetts.  Whitin Machine Works was founded by John C Whitin in 1830.  The company was made for making Textile Machinery when the industry was big.  Over a hundred years ago, he received these hats as well as other objects from Sydney Mason for his excellent work.  Sydney Mason worked for Whitin Machine works as a secretary.  We believe he wore these hats as part of his regular work attire.

Place(s): Whitinsville, Massachusetts and County Kerry, Ireland, America

– Jack Lacouture

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child