Borscht and Vareniki

Among the first impressions for all the visitors who come to Ukraine is its national food. Ukrainian cuisine is diverse and unique. It has a rich history and is very popular in Slavic countries. There are a lot of tasty dishes in Ukrainian cuisine but the most famous one is perhaps the borscht. It is a vegetable soup, made of beets, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. They also add garlic, onion, dill and meat. There are many varieties of this dish. Every housewife in Ukraine has her own recipe of borscht. Breads and wheat products are also important for Ukrainians. Varenyky is a popular Ukrainian dish made of boiled dough with diverse fillings, such as meat, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, cheese etc. Varenyky is not a festive dish, but their taste leaves no one indifferent. These Ukrainian dumplings can be the main course as well as the dessert. When visiting Ukraine, nobody leaves not having tried either one of these dishes.

Year: 2001

– Taras

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