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Education From Book When my mother came this country she did not speak English or French. She only spoke Susu. She tried to go find a job. It was difficult for her to find a job because she did not speak English good and nobody could translate for her because my language is only in Guinea. She try to hear English songs, watch English movies and then try to speak English. It was difficult for her to learn English because in my country she didn't go to school to learn French because her parent don't let her to go school. They didn’t want her to be educated. In my country, girls don’t have the education because even you’re 18 you’re going to get marry and have a baby. When she came to the U.S it was difficult for her to speak French and English being very different languages. She did not speak or understand French and English very well. She tried to go to 99 cent store to work. She did find a job but her English is not good. So, one day a girl comes to buy a pencil she said, “ Do have a pencil?” My mom didn't answer because she don’t understand what the girl said and the girl took the paper and throw it at her. She knew it was important to learn English. She went to language class to learn English and the teacher helped my mom. The teacher gave her the Pocket French Dictionary with English translation. Now she speaks English good and works in a different store.

Year: 2006

– Diaka Kaba

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