"You Are Never Too Cool"

Being Cool
Being Cool

“Chasity you are never too cool.” My mom often reiterated this to me on the way to school, giving me a bath, watching tv, helping me with my studies. Some might look at that statement as an instrument of shame; however, it was a reminder to me that no matter what materialistic items I sport, whichever popular individual befriended me, what stylish hairstyles I rocked, I will never be too cool to accompany those who are enthusiastic about learning. The reminder that it is okay to associate with those who were intellectually advanced was bestowed unto me as early as I could read and write. My mom was simply a product of her environment. Being that my mother grew up in a single parent home, although both parents were present in her life, she often associated herself with the wrong crowd. As a result of such continuous irrational and poor decision-making and behaviors, my mom was expelled during the middle of her high school journey, preventing her from obtaining her high school diploma. My mom acknowledges her hiccups that led her down the detoured path that simply was a result of the right place, wrong crowd of people."NO one is never too cool".

Place(s): Virginia

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