Instruction Book

I was born in China but moved to Mexico when I was 6 years old, and recently immigrated to the United States. Compared to others my age, I have traveled a lot. Traveling has made me a stronger person because it showed me how much of the world I did not know about. It taught me to work hard and stay humble because there is always something new to learn. Some people have told me that traveling is fun and moving to a new place is a privilege, but every time I moved to another place I left many objects and people behind. One thing that I did not forget to bring is a little book that contains suggestions or reminders of how to live a happy and rewarding life. My parents gave me that book as a sign of gratitude. On the day I am getting on the airplane, my relatives and friends came to bid farewells to me. It was at night on August when I officially arrived New York City. The first impression when I arrived here was the magnificent and captivating scenery. The buildings were lit up by artificial lights making New York City looks like a clean and breathtaking place out of a dream. I still remember the procedures I have to follow with my family before and after the flight. It was a long and exhausting process for me because my parents did not speak Spanish, so I had to take care of my family during the whole process. I had to be more responsible because my parents needed my help filling out the documents, so the book resembles maturity and trust.

Year: 2015

– HuiPing K.

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