I have a friend who is 18 years old now. She has been in the U.S. for 4 and half years. She told me she had a book that are very important for her. The book that she talk about is a Korean book. She said it helped her to go through the hard time at high school senior year. During her high school senior year she had a job outside of school. The reason why she decided to work is because her family condition is not good enough to support her to go to college. Her parents both work in different job, but the same thing is they can’t earn enough money to help her pay the tuition for college. She works 6 days per week at a restaurant. My friend had less hours to sleep, she always finishes her homework at midnight. She usually goes to sleep at 2 or 3 am, and need to wake up at 7am. Those factors make she can’t focus on her study because she feels sleepy when she is doing her homework or class time. Every time when she felt she can’t overcome this challenge, she will read her Korean book. The Korean book it talks about the process of study and how to be successful with study. Each time when she wants to release the pressure, she will read the her Korean book. She also told me that this book this book can remind her that everything that she did right now is in her future, she can’t give up for study. She said: “I can’t change my family condition for now, but I can change my life.”

Year: 2014

– Jia Xin Jiang

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