In Attire

The story begins when my aunt came from the DR for the first time and brought her lucky blazer with her. She brought it from the Dominican Republic her niece gave it to her as a gift so she decided to carry it everywhere she goes, she feels confidence every time she wear it. The trouble began when she came and don’t have a work so she decided to live with my other aunt for a couple of weeks, then she moved to Boston, Massachusetts for a 1 year with my dad. But they kicked her out of the work she used to go there. It all changed when she decided to move out from Boston to come back to NY so my other aunt gave her a hand and help her seek for work again in here. She started to work in Manhattan, so she started making money. “Poco a poco despues de unos meses reuni un poco de dinero y pude mudarme y ser mas independiente.” little by little and after a couple of months she reunite a couple of dollars and she decided to rent a room for herself and to be independent. After she went through all of this she always use her blazer, it makes her feel comfortable and also fancy. She never leaves it when she go back to Dominican Republic and never let another person borrowed she says it give her good luck and every step that she gives. Finally after all the struggle that my aunt went through she never leave her blazer and even though she have problem looking for job because of the simple reason that she didn’t know English, she never gave up.

Year: 1990

– Vilna Gonzalez

Relationship:  unknown unknown