Relationship: Im/migrant

Immigration is by far the most controversial topic discussed in today’s world. Highly debated in politics as an ongoing issue that needs to be further addressed. We are defined as a nation of immigrants which plays a key role into reshaping America today. As an immigrant myself, I can relate to many of the struggles that my dad has faced when coming here in search for a new beginning. When my dad first came to this country as an illegal immigrant, it was really hard for him to survive. He was working as a delivery person in the first few years. It was very dangerous to ride a bicycle on the road especially when there was construction. My dad told me he fell off the bike many times while he was delivering orders. His knees were bleeding and his right eye bruised from hitting something on the road. He did all of this to support the family. Although he never talks about it, I feel like family was as encumbrance for him because he had to pay for our expenses too. My dad didn’t have a very good job then but he does not need to work that hard in China, there wasn’t that much pressure for him back then.  It must be a very tough decision to make because we have to leave everything we are familiar of behind and start over at a new place when he could barely speak English. He told me that he first went to Mexico on a boat and walked to Texas through the mountains. The decision of migration comes with great risk, pressure and responsibility. We have already gone through the hardest time, soon I will be earning more than my dad does. 

Place(s): China, New York
Year: 2003

– LL

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant