In Fun

Someone Always By Your Side

My object is my favorite stuffed animal, Berry.  Berry is a white polar bear stuffed animal head with a blanket attached. Berry is made out of cloth that is special and cozy. When I was a baby, I used her as a blanket, and I still use her as a blanket now. Berry is also used to snuggle with and play with. Also, I love to sleep with Berry. Berry is a friend to me.                       When I was a baby we had a babysitter with yellow/blonde hair, such a sweet, nice lady. When my twin sister and I were born, this babysitter gave us stuffed animals. I do not really remember much about Berry from when I was a baby.                            Berry is just so special to me. This object is important to me because I have had it since I was born, and it has been there for me. I have loved it for a very long time. Also we get stuff animals sometimes, and I just put them in my room, and forget them, but not Berry. Berry stands out.   Berry connects to my culture because we all know that I love Berry. Also Berry really fits into our culture because we are a family that really takes care of each other, and Berry takes care of me,  and that every time Berry is lost they all help me look for Berry. We all love Berry. (Well I hope we love a cute white stuff animal that has been with me since I was born.) If not everybody LOVES Berry, I know I LOVE Berry. Today Berry is beat up, and old, but she is still alive in my heart, and I hope Berry stays with me forever.

Year: 1942

– E

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant