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 We have known each other since I was 13, and he was 14 years old.  We are from the same city, but we were never allowed to see each other when we lived in Honduras, by chance of life we both came the same year only with days of difference. Everything was very surprising and really exciting when I knew he was here. We talked for a long time but due to things in life we stopped talking for a long time and last year we resumed a conversation again, we were talking, the day came when we met, which was at a bad bunny concert, without a doubt it was one of the the best days I've ever had, it was the first time seeing him, hugging him after longing for it so much, we decided to resume a relationship, because he comes to visit me every month or every month and a half, for the New Year he came to spend with me and meet my family. My mom accepted it, she liked it very much and well, everything, not all long-distance relationships are impossible, if both do their part, things may work out and everything will be as one wishes. 

Place(s): honduras/usa
Year: 2019

– sabeth

Relationship:  unknown unknown