Baseball Glove

Relationship: Im/migrant

Sometimes one may ask, “How can a sport mean so much to a person?” only an answer that an athlete would understand. The importance of baseball to my life and development is one that I appreciate greatly, and this glove was the start of its influence in my life. The glove represents baseball to me and where it all started, and roots back to him.  Baseball to me is something that influenced everything, from something that made me feel devastated, to something that brought me back from devastation. Back to the question, "How could a sport mean so much to a person?" This is a game that brought me and my Dad into a long argument but always brought us closer in the end. The countless times I and my Dad would go outside and play catch, or the times he still brings me to the cage only to refine my abilities. In relation to how baseball formed me as a better person, I can not thank the game enough. Many of my closest friends are as a result of this game. People that have been through everything, the hardships and the euphoria. I’ve been taught to never blame someone for their mistakes, because it always happens. I’ve been taught that your memory needs to be short-term, and that you need to forget the bad and work off of the good. The glove is where all of this started. All of the lessons, fun and parts of my life in my life I will never forget, they all go back to this glove. In conclusion, I would not be the same person without baseball. 

Year: 1955

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant