Grandfather Clock

Photo of 1940's grandfather clock
Photo of 1940's grandfather clock

 This is a grandfather clock that my great-grandparents bought in the 1940s. They got it after world war two was over. They were very happy then and they could afford to buy something nice. They found a grandfather clock that they loved, so they bought it. It was on the wall of the living room in their farmhouse for many years until they moved into a house down the road and brought it with them. When my great-grandparents died, my grandparents inherited the clock and my grandma especially loved it. She hung it up in their living room. Eventually, she gave it to my dad so that he could have something special to remember his grandparents by because he was very interested in it and liked it a lot. It wasn't working so my dad brought it to a shop in Mount Vernon, WA, and they cleaned and repaired it and got it working again. Unfortunately, at the time, my dad was moving a lot around the country so he never got a chance to hang it up, so he packed it away for 10 years until he moved to New York and moved it with him. It was being stored in my maternal grandmother’s attic for many more years. When I was putting my stuff up in the attic one day, we found it. My dad told me about it, I thought it was cool, and I brought it home. We wound it up, and it still worked! I hung it up on my wall, and to this day it sits right above my desk, telling me the time. It still rings every hour, and it is a cool reminder of my family heritage. While it is not in the greatest cosmetic condition, it is in excellent mechanical condition after being over 80 years old. 

Place(s): Washington State, New York

– TE

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