My Sisters

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Photograph of my Sisters
Photograph of my Sisters

 When I think about my family’s immigration story, I think of my sisters. My sisters are my family, and we make up our own culture. I have two older sisters and one younger, which makes me the third of four girls. I grew up with my sisters, and they are the ones who always have my back and continuously show me love everyday. They are the ones I wake up with, each morning and the last people I speak to at night. It is safe to say that they shape the kind of person I am today. My family is my cultural identity. My parents immigrated from Haiti,after spending the first 15 years of their lives there. When they came to the US, they brought many Haitian customs and traditions with them. Today, my sisters and I still live by these customs and follow their traditions. What sets us apart from other families is the fact that we understand that our family is separated, so we stick together and become our own little family. We create a unique stability for our family. Though some aspects make us different than other families, we are similar in some ways as well. Other families are also immigrants from different countries who came to the United States in search of a better life here. Those families bring their own cultures and traditions to America, just like my family did. This is what makes America diverse, and we get to learn about different ways of life from each other.

– GA

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