Backgammon set

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Backgammon set
Backgammon set

My parents came to the USA when I was a young child. On a brief return visit to Israel we got a backgammon set from a shop in the Old City of Jerusalem. I grew up playing with this backgammon set with my father and childhood friends, took it with me to college and it has stayed with me through dozens of moves finally settling in Sarasota, Florida. While the set came out once in a while to play, with the 2020 pandemic I have left it on the dining table for easy access to play with my teenagers. The small dice have somehow never been lost through those many decades. The consistency of the set, the game, and memories are comforting

Place(s): Jerusalem, New York, Florida
Year: 1966

– Uzi Baram

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant