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Earrings, Small hoops, Gold
Earrings, Small hoops, Gold

Growing up I was constantly surrounded by my siblings. Me and my sisters were always messing around with each other and teaching one another. My four sisters are my best friends, but growing up is inescapable. Me, Rachel, Nikki, Julia and Gina. When everyone started moving out it was always hard. I was the youngest, so I had to watch all of them move out one by one. When it was down to my last sister, Gina,  she was the hardest to let go. With me leaving for college in a couple months my siblings could tell that I was struggling. I was so used to the constant support and love that I was blessed with. For one last trip we all got together and went to the jewelry store to get earrings. It was a small gesture that meant so much to all of us. Wherever we went we had a little piece of something to remind ourselves of each other. This family tradition that we started gave us a connection that we will forever have. Although earrings are just an object they have now been with us for months and hold all of our memories. Whenever I am anxious or going through anything, I feel for my earrings. They are my comfort and my safe place. I will pass them down to my daughters, and I hope to start a new tradition for our family. 

Place(s): New Jersey

– Katie Riccardi

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more