A recipe/food that is important to me, my family, and my culture is arepas! Arepas are from Columbia, passed down from my Abuela. (She cooked/baked alot.) Arepas are usually used for special occasions, holidays, or whenever you want. Arepas ingredients are: dried corn, a large mortar and pestle, pounded dough, dehydrated masarepa, arepa flour, and other optional ingredients! The name “Arepa" came from the Indigenous form of the name "erapa” which means corn.
I've chosen to write about Arepas because they are important to my family and culture, have been passed down for years, taste delicious, and way more! Arepas are mostly from my mothers side, mostly my Abuela. Arepas are a food that is important to Colombia for many reasons: They are a staple food in the country, and are eaten by people of all social classes. They are also a source of national pride, and are seen as a symbol of Colombian culture.

Place(s): Columbia, Brooklyn

– GF

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