Apache tribe

This object was a very special artifact to me and my family. This is a painting of a girl from the Apache tribe and showing the festival they celebrate when a girl turns into a woman. This festival takes about four days to prepare and four days of celebration. The celebration involves lots of food like geese, deer, turkey, vegetables, and more. My grandfather, Arthur Pappagallo, past this valuable painting down to my mother because she was the only daughter my grandfather had. But very unfortunate events happened to Arthur all of a sudden. Arthur spent lots of time in Florida taking educational art classes. But Arthur ended up breaking his back from construction work. He had fallen off a ledge and spent time in the hospital. This left him crippled and stuck wearing a large back brace. Overtime of healing, he used his time painting and learning new art techniques. He partially heal and unfortunately ended up breaking his back again, leaving him partially paralyzed. Once again, took him a big chunk of time to heal, but in the process of healing, he got bit by a coral snake. This left him in the hospital for several days fighting to keep his right arm which almost had to be amputated. Overall, all this time of healing and injuries allowed him to heal. Arthur Pappagallo died at the age of forty-four. Before his death, many people and well known people wanted to pay real big money for his paintings.

Place(s): Florida, Maine

– Caleb Pappagallo

Relationship:  unknown unknown