pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace on Silver Chain
Pearl Necklace on Silver Chain

Growing up my mom was always in and out of my life, and eventually, I started to not care. Nearly two years ago, I was introduced to my best friend, Chloe, along with her family as well. In a short period of time, her mom treated me as if I was her own child and loved me like nothing else. As a result, I have had the opportunity to go on family vacations, to be invited over for holidays, to be invited to attend family parties, and to do so much more. Due to the fact that I have never really felt I had a mother figure in my life that truly showed me that she cared, I cherish my best friend's mother even more because I felt I had never really had that in my life. In spite of the fact that it's only been such a short amount of time, I know I can always count on her to make me feel safe and loved, especially in the worst of times.  When I went over to Chloe's house for Christmas so that everyone could exchange gifts, her mom gave me this necklace, which I was extremely grateful for. I find this necklace to be a symbol of the love she has for me, as well as the way she, along with the rest of her family, has taken me in and made me part of their family.

Place(s): Massachussetts

– RC

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