Zakopane Box

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Handmade wooden box
Handmade wooden box

I chose this beautiful handcrafted box, because it was important to my great grandma, Halina Klups. Since this box was important to her, it was important to my grandma, so it was important to my mom, so it is important to me. Halina used this box to hold jewelry, but you can also use it to hold other small things just the same. 

In my culture, the people in the valley worship the Gulare because they were famous for their beautiful dancing, singing, and making clothing. The clothing making inspired my grandma, and so she sewed all her life, and passed this skill down to my mom, and to me. The Gulare are kind of like the Hollywood of Poland. When Halina was little, she liked to visit the Gulare, but no one in my family (at least not that I know of) is descended from the Gulare, we are just very good friends with them. 

This wooden box was Halina’s when she bought it in the 1940’s, then was passed down to my grandma in the 1980’s, then was passed down to my mom in 2003, and soon to be mine. 
I visit Poland and the Zakopane mountains a lot, and hiking is important to my family because:

  • Halina did it every time she visited the Gulare
  • Because of this, we hike every summer in the adirondacks for a month in august
  • These boxes were handed down from generation to generation by the Gulare, and given to Halina as a present.

In conclusion, I am going to take care of this box when it's handed down to me, so I can hand it down to my little cousin, who is named after Halina Klups. 

Place(s): Gulare
Year: 1940

– Nina

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant