Lunar New Year Pictures
Lunar New Year Pictures

Lunar New Year Magnets
My objects are these special magnets we make for the lunar new year. We cut our hair and wear our new Chinese dresses. We made our first magnet in 2017 and our latest one is 2022’s magnet. We also made some afterward for 2013 to 2016. We send them to our grandparents who love them. 
To me, it shows how proud we are of our culture. In my culture you cut your hair and wear new clothes to welcome in the new year. We also get lai see or red envelopes with money. My Poh Poh (that's mom’s mom in Chinese) emigrated from Macau with her mom, dad and brothers with little money. When my Gong Gong (that’s mom’s dad) died she had to work very hard to support my mom and my uncle. I feel lucky because my mom who made these magnets probably didn’t have anything like this when she was growing up. Also in 2015’s magnet me and my family are in Hong Kong to visit my Ti Poh but because of Covid-19 we can’t see her. 
I wish I could ask my Gong Gong more about himself. Also I would like to know what Macau is like. I never realized how big of a story these magnets have so I’m glad I did. 

Place(s): Macau
Year: 1970

– Madeleine

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant