Kilt, Castle, Family Crest

Family Kilt, Castle, Family Coat of Arms
Family Kilt, Castle, Family Coat of Arms

The first thing to the left as labeled is the Forbes Tartan Kilt, this piece of men’s clothing is very interesting for many reasons.Every family in Scotland has their own kilt with a tartan their family chose.Tartan refers to the pattern of interlocking stripes,running in both the warp and weft in the cloth. The tartan for my mom’s family last name(Forbes)looks like this;all black with rows of dark blue you have to look hard to see,with thick green lines and thin white ones in them. The tartan colors can change overtime depending on what the next family does,or they can just stay the same.

Nowadays in Scotland people only wear a kilt if there is a special occasion.In the photo you’ll find a flag and no,it’s not the Scotland flag,it’s the Forbes flag.The Forbes flag has three bear heads,if you want to know why the Forbes flag looks like that I will tell you now.This leads us to the next thing,the Coat of Arms.The Forbes Coat of Arms is something every family would have but just like the kilt, each family has a different one.A Coat of Arms is something a family would put on their front door,their saddle for a horse,the front of their shield,etc.The story of the Forbes Coat of Arms goes like this: there was a big forest in Scotland,nobody lived in the woods or went in there because there were many bears in this forest, dangerous,and hungry.Until one day,when one of the original Forbes(I don’t know his first name)went into the woods and killed the bears.All of them,single handed.From then on homes and castles were built in those woods,including Castle Forbes.

Place(s): Scotland
Year: 1702

– OS

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