Multiple Alcapurrias on a Tray
Multiple Alcapurrias on a Tray

My family's generation that moved to the United States was my grandparents. On my mom’s side, my grandma came to the United States alone. She had no one to help her out on her journey to the states. Once she had finally reached the United States, my grandpa’s family took her in. For my dad’s side of the family, he lived with his mother growing up and he used to eat Alcapurria daily, with a few other siblings. His mother moved over ten times while he was growing up. They went back and forth from Puerto Rico to the United states. They kept moving until they landed in Chicago. My father’s mother moved back to Puerto Rico, but my dad stayed in Chicago. That is where he met my mother. They took each other out to dinner for dates, one of the main things they ate was Alcapurria. Eating together helped strengthen their relationship.
 Alcapurria helps put my family together and also strengthens my relationship with them. Alcapurria also helps represent my family’s cultural identity. This is because we are Puerto Rican and Alcapurria is a Puerto Rican food that is extremely popular in Puerto Rico. Alcapurria brings my family together as we always eat it together. We could be eating it with uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and anyone in the family. When I was younger, I ate a lot of Alcapurria. Alcapurria was everywhere, it was at parties, on the table, and at family events. Eating Alcapurria also has shared some memories with my family. Alcapurria was always there for the good moments with the family. 

Place(s): Place(S) Chicago, Puerto Rico

– Jordan

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant