Traditional Puerto Rican Foods

Mofongo con chicharrón.
Mofongo con chicharrón.

Despite the beautiful country and delicious food, Puerto Rican food has a story behind it. Let's begin with Arroz con gandules, pernil,  pasteles, and Coquito. These dishes are important to us because it's a traditional Christmas meal. They are the flavors of our childhood. We don't only cook that on special occasions. It's a huge meal because we cook them almost every day, maybe not the coquito because it's a drink. In my family what we do is make coquito for Christmas or New Year's Eve. My mom makes Ensalada de coditos con Arroz Blanco o Amarillo, and it is the best. Another popular dish that we also eat is tostones, We eat tostones with anything. For example, we mix it with Mofongo, Rice, and many other foods.  Whatever choice you pick, it'll still be a good combination with the tostones. Last but not least, we also eat a lot of Alcapurrias, Empanadillas, and Bacalao (fish). Some people always do them by hand or others buy them from the little carts in Puerto Rico in the plazas and more. In conclusion, Puerto Rico's great food comes with a story and history behind it, as I mentioned. This is a meaningful topic to talk about to let others know about our foods and the history behind everything. Puerto Rican food represents my identity and heritage.

Place(s): Puerto Rico
Year: 2020

– Destiny Nieves

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