No Bake Cookies

A photo of the cookies
A photo of the cookies

No Bake Cookies help connect me to my family because they were made by my great - grandmother. She created a unique recipe that’s been passed down to other family members and close family friends. The No Bakes are small, lumpy cookies made from mainly peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate. Every once in a while when I went up to Maine to visit members of my family like my grandparents, my great-grandmother would have No Bake Cookies for us. My grandmother told me, “I remember making them with my mother all the time.” My father also remembers eating them with his siblings. They were made for snacks, but now they’re mainly used for special occasions because they take a while to make. When my great-grandmother passed away, the recipe was given to me by my great aunt. I make them all the time in remembrance of my great-grandma.

– Kalista

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