A cheese fondue


A Cheesy Occasion In memories regarding my family's culture specifically my father's side, food represents much of my personal image towards it. Cheese Fondue is a gathering of people, preferably people you are close with. Whom are dipping pieces of bread in a pot of melted cheese. I see the cheese fondue pot as one resemblance of my family's culture and the way we express it towards our friends and family. My father, who is Swiss, makes cheese fondue maybe 4 times a year depending on how much we import from Switzerland. As long thin forks dip into the cheesy pot, conversation passes between people across the table, above and over the pot, even from different corners of the room! My family rarely eats cheese fondue with just the three of us, normally we either have it with a group of friends or have it with my great aunt who is also Swiss. What I’ve come to realize is the importance of these gatherings and the impact it has on the relationships I have with the people at the table. I have found that since Cheese fondue is such a social way of eating, I often get closer or have a stronger bond with the people at the table. To me this realization has really helped me understand the profound impact that cultural experiences have on myself and the guests my family invites to. 

Place(s): Switzerland
Year: 1980

– Alex B.

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