3x Great Grandparents Chair

Great-great-great grandparents chair
Great-great-great grandparents chair

 My item is a chair. It is made from wood and it is used to sit on. This object came from my great great great grandfather. This chair was passed down all the way from him to my mom. My mom gave me this chair and wants me to pass it down generations. We use this chair everyday at dinner and it's amazing how beautiful and intact it is. This object is from around the 1800’s and it is kept in my dining room. Its significance is that it's very old and my mom really cares about it. My family still uses it at dinner time and It may have been brought over by a grandparent but probably not since it is a chair. I think this chair says a lot about my culture's art and it’s resilience because of the design and how long the chair has been around for. Unfortunately there is not much of a story to tell about this chair because my mom didn’t know the whole story behind it. 

Place(s): Unknown

– I

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant