1951 Yankee Baseball

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Signed 1951 Yankee Baseball
Signed 1951 Yankee Baseball

At my 5th grade graduation, my grandpa gave me a baseball.  I thought nothing of it until later that summer when I took the time to ask him about it.  He said, “It was a baseball signed by the entire 1951 New York Yankees World Series team.”  I was fascinated.  It has signatures of famous Yankees players including Mickey Mantle. The object is yellow over time.  It has a very hard texture and you can feel the signatures of the players.  It is made of very fine leather and it gives you satisfaction to hold.My Grandpa’s best friend(who was like a brother to him)  gave it to him when they were attending Tennessee University graduate school.  They were such good friends that he gave it as a gift of their friendship. The ball traveled with him when he moved to Philadelphia.  The ball stayed there with him and my dad for 60 years. My Dad claims that he forgot that he even had the ball in the house. One of the things that I thought was so cool, is the fact that it has every single Yankee player's signature from that season.This object has been proudly passed down and I plan to pass it down to my future kids.  My siblings are very jealous because they do not have an object with this history. My grandpa worked very hard to get to Tennessee University and met his best friend there.  I hope to learn more about the baseball’s history in the future.  I love this object because I feel like it represents the Becton family history in a proud way.

Place(s): Tennessee, Philadelphia, New York


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