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painted rock from family vacation
painted rock from family vacation

In the summer of  2010, my immediate and extended family went on vacation; it was surely a vacation to remember. Approximately fifteen of us stayed for five days and four nights on a resort called Sandals in Montego Bay, located on the northeast side of the island. In Jamaica, my family and I did many activities--we jet skied, scuba dived off a boat farther out in the water, cliff jumped and took beautiful boat rides to see the crystal clear waters and all the colorful exotic fish. One day while we were on the beach taking family pictures, a man asked me and my family if we wanted to get rock paintings to bring back home for souvenirs.He had a stand under an orange tent with a bunch of samples we could choose from. My younger cousin wanted the Jamaican flag with a mango image instead of the sunset, therefore, our grandma made the suggestion that we should rock paper scissors for it. As skill would have it, I won. First, he painted the rocks for us. Then, he put the names of each household member on their own family rock. Finally, he painted a beautiful, warm, colorful sunset with palm trees and a beach and put the year. After nine years, the rock is still proudly displayed in the living room of my grandma’s house. Although is just a painted rock, it has sentimental value because this is one of the best moments I have shared with my whole family. 

Place(s): Jamaica

– Brittney

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