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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A drawing of the Gamecube
A drawing of the Gamecube

  I play video games without a reason to, just to escape, not realizing where I even found such a hobby. From the first games I played to the hours I spent playing. With family or not, with friends or not, spending hours at a time. My brother showed me a lot of gaming consoles and games. Mainly from watching him play games like the Gamecube and Ps2. I started to jump on the “trend” when he handed me the Gamecube, my first game system. I knew there was a lot out there, well I knew by ideas, I didn’t have a phone or screen to see the list of consoles. My brother's friends would bring along games as well.  We didn’t have a lot compared to others because we couldn’t waste money on things like that. I bought games for my Gamecube, I loved it without knowing it was old, and even knowing I still do. I would play it with my brother, and even my dad joined in. From there I learned my love for video games, even if my brother fell off the hobby, we still play once in a while. Besides, I play with friends with newer game consoles, and even with new technology, without having to be next to each other, the connection is still there. 

Place(s): Mexico and United States

– Jimmy (Jaime) Jimenez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant