13 Folds of Glory Flag

A 13 Folds of Glory Flag from
A 13 Folds of Glory Flag from

The 13 folds of glory flag looks special, and you will not get a flag folded like this unless someone has passed away that completed at least one full enlistment, has been honorably discharged, or is a veteran. It's a physical reminder of the sacrifice, the thankless and tireless devotion, and the legacy my family leaves behind. 

This flag is important to me because my great grandfather served in the marines for around eight years training other marines to drive amphibious tractors (amtracs). He was in service during the Korean War training the marines that were being sent over to Korea to fight. He was never sent overseas but he knew a lot of people that were, but that did not make it back. Once he passed, the officers  did the 21 gun salute and the 13 folds of glory at his funeral. 

This flag has been passed down three generations so far, and is hopefully going to be passed down for many more generations to come. My family wants this flag to be passed down so that the many generations coming remember and are proud of what their family members have done for our country. To me America is a place that people lost their lives fighting for, and they should be proud of that. 

Place(s): USA

– RK

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