100 Day Celebration

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Korean child having 100 day celebration
Korean child having 100 day celebration

 The 100 day celebration is a celebration for a Korean child who has survived 100 days.  The history behind this is that long ago, survival rates for newborn children in Korea was low due to disease, poverty, malnutrition and lack of medical treatment.  This tradition originated from Korea which is my family’s country of origin.  My parents told me about the tradition and held one for me because they themselves also had a 100 day celebration when they were younger.  The meaning of the celebration is the belief that once a baby survives 100 days the likelihood of them living a long life is high.  The significance of the tradition to my family is that it makes us all grateful that we are lucky enough to have lived for a long time and living in a world where we can access good food and medical treatment.  This is why this picture and tradition are very important to us because it makes us appreciate that we are alive, unlike the unfortunate children who died even before reaching their first birthday.
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