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a Basketball
a Basketball

A meaningful object that symbolizes an experience for me is a basketball.  Basketball means a lot to me and my friends and family. People in my family have multiple trophies, etc. for basketball. Like my sister, she used to play basketball in high school, and she was very good, and she won MVP as well as the championship for her team.  She was thinking of playing for college but couldn't because of money issues and other stuff.  
My sister and I used to play basketball against each other a lot, and we played every day. She used to beat me all the time, but she also taught me more about how to play basketball. I kept practicing and practicing every day outside in my backyard until eventually, I started beating her. I played basketball for eighth grade in middle school. But I cannot play basketball in high school because our school doesn’t have a basketball team. 
Now, I still practice basketball every day, looking to get better and better. I study NBA players, watching their game footage of how they play, and other players from all over America. Basketball gives my life meaning, a reason to wake up and not just stay in bed all day looking at my phone. It encourages me to better myself, not just in basketball, but in every aspect of life. It’s crazy that a simple ball can do this to me and my family, a simple ball has given me so many experiences that I will never forget, not ever. My goal is to maybe play and go against more elite and better basketball players who can also give me advice to improve and keep getting better.

– Gemmell

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