Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire puddings is a home made recipe
Yorkshire puddings is a home made recipe

  Yorkshire puddings is something my family eats on occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and when we go to my grandparents house.  Yorkshire Puddings originated in Northern England where much of my family is from.  My feelings about Yorkshire Puddings is described in emojis,😍😋🤗. In other words, I LOVE THEM, they’re yummy, delicious & look so good! Yorkshire Puddings are made of a batter including eggs, flour and milk/water.    I chose Yorkshire Puddings as my artifact because they taste  so good. My family loves them. My family's culture is very interesting but to be honest we don't celebrate many of our cultural holidays. We celebrate  holidays that other people celebrate and we just eat our cultural food.  If you haven't noticed from the picture of Yorkshire Puddings I put above they are hollow in the middle, or you could call it a dent. That's where you pour gravy which is totally optional because I understand some people might think that's gross.          Yorkshire puddings are soft and squishy kind of like a pancake just shaped as a cup. You usually eat yorkshire puddings with a  roast dinner. This is a dinner where you have cooked meat, vegetables, mash potato and more.I do wonder how to make yorkshire puddings because while my parents or grandparents make them I just stand there with my mouth watering waiting for it to be served. Are there any holidays that are celebrated exclusively by people from Northern England? Are there any interesting stories about how Yorkshire Pudding started being made?                                                                                                           

Place(s): Northern England

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