The object I chose from my culture is called a Yarmulke. The Yarmulke is used for Jewish holidays, for example Chanukah. The Yarmulke is from Israel. Every boy is supposed to wear it. Girls are not allowed to wear the Yarmulke. The Yarmulke is made of pure cotton. I chose the Yarmulke because it is very special to me. This teaches my culture that G-d will always protect us. It also connects my father and me because as his son he taught me how to wear the Yarmulke. The synagogue is very holy. You are not allowed to go to the synagogue without a yarmulke. On the other hand the girls wear a scarf like a yarmulke. It is the same thing as a yarmulke but its for girls and the color is only white.

Year: 2000

– Daniel

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