My Opalite Pendant

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

So my parents came from Bangladesh, a Muslim country. Okay, moving on.
It was strange when I found out at some point, when I first received my object, an opalite pendant, and the whole thing about chakras, which I found confusing at first, actually connects to Islam in a way. The five prayer positions in Islam all relate to a yoga position. Each of those positions “activate” a chakra (or lataif in arabic), and all five positions “activate” all 7 (or 6) chakras. Once again, it’s confusing. How we see the lataif sometimes may be different from how chakra is viewed by Hindus and Buddhists. But I’ll think of it as almost the same. It’s all an Islam thing, and that’s part of my family’s culture. Now here’s where the opalite come in. Opalite is, by my research, a gemstone for the third eye chakra. That means intuition, higher consciousness, and emotions/love. Well, most of them match me. 
I think this object is unique to me. My parents let me get it, but they don’t currently know the religious aspect.
I do, however.
So here I am now. Me and my opalite pendant.

Place(s): America
Year: 2000

– M

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant