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Relationship: Im/migrant
Here it is
Here it is

My object is an xbox from microsoft studios. It is white and black. It feels plastic and on certain parts, like the vent with the fan, bumpy. It is made out of plastic, circuit boards, wires, and other varying levels of technology.  It is used for me and my brother to play games and communicate with friends and other family. The place it came from is a microsoft studios factory. I bought this object in fifth grade around the time of august. I had saved up money for a long time to buy this thing. Two or three years to get the tv, console, controllers, and games. I didn’t buy a thing for three years. Getting it was worth it though. 
The object is important to my family and I because i can communicate with friends and my cousins along with other members of my family that i can’t see every day. Especially with my cousins that live in other states and my cousins that live twenty or thirty minutes away from me. Almost every day we stay connected because of this xbox. It is also important to me because it is a source of entertainment for me and my brother. It opens up another thing for us to talk about as well. It isn’t as much it keeps my direct family together, even though it keeps me and my brother together sometimes, but it keeps my extended family together and connected. And if I didn’t have my xbox, I would only have the chance to talk with them once or twice every three months. Now that I have this i talk with them every week.The same with my friends who go to my school, whether they have moved away, or they are on the xbox with me just down the block

Place(s): St. Louis
Year: 2017

– L.H.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant