Wright Brothers Patent/Letter

Wright Brother Patent & LetterCharlotte WilliamsonMy great-grandfather, Pliny W. Williamson was a lawyer for the Wright Brothers while they were trying to get a patent for their flying machine. The patent was granted to the Wright brothers May 22, 1906. After he helped them get the patent, he was also their lawyer from many cases where they were trying to sue people who they believed copied their idea. There is also a letter from Orville to Pliny that he sent January 9, 1908. They were close friends and would visit each other often. In this letter Orville is saying how he was going to stop by on his way back from Europe. Among some of Pliny’s other accomplishments he was also a New York senator from 1935-1958. My grandfather, Andrew W. Williamson III, currently has a suitcase full of paperwork from Pliny and my aunt found these. This artifact is important to my family because we are proud that we come from a man that was so successful in his career. 

Place(s): New York City, Dayton, Ohio

– Charlotte Williamson

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