My grandpa's book

Civility Lost
Civility Lost

This book is very important to me. It is part of my history and culture because my grandpa wrote the book. Along with 10 others! This one is the most special because I have a quote in the book. It was published in 2019, and my quote was about how people should be treated equally and nicely. This book is a part of my family because my grandpa has been writing books since I was born. Then once a quote from my younger self got put in, this book was the most special. Even my brother and cousin got a quote from the book. This is my history because I have connections with the book through the topics of the book. My grandpa writes about education and how people are treated. This book in particular talks about people getting along and treating others well. That is connected to me because we all struggle with fitting in and getting along with others. At least I do. 

Place(s): Wisconsin and Connecticut

– J

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