work jeans

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Relationship: Im/migrant
jeans, my dad wears them to work
jeans, my dad wears them to work

The object I chose was my dad's pair of jeans. The reason I chose this was to represent how my dad is a hard worker and works 2 jobs to be able to pay rent. He works as a maintenance worker. And when he works he wears jeans Because it feels comfortable and also because he doesn´t necessarily wear pants. And he enjoys the place that he works at, the reason is that it´s a job he honestly loves working at and the managers are amazing and it’s not something that I wouldn´t wanna be doing. What made him do what he does now is that he had a lot of experience with a lot of things and that could do a lot of different types of jobs, but he wasn´t searching for something specific, but for something that would at least accept him to work there, because sometimes finding a job was hard. Being a hard worker was something that he always was and coming to America knowing that I wouldn´t have anything if I didn´t work hard was something I had to think of so right away I just started finding places to work and actually finding a place that I want to live at and settle here he started at palm springs, later on, moved to Texas, then to Arizona, and then decided that to go back to California and found this town called napa and decided to stay here and that is when he started to look for people who would hire him so that he would be able to have a roof over his head.

Place(s): america

– sebastian

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant