The Flying Jacket

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Naval Flight Jacket
Naval Flight Jacket

A leather jacket is meant to keep people warm. It bundles them up when they are high in the sky. It displays rank, experience, and personal touch. But this jacket? This one means so much more to me.
Pride. Honor. Excitement. Commitment. These are things that this flight jacket represents for me. This is my father’s jacket from when he served as a naval flight officer for 10 years. The patches on his jacket signify the type of plane he flew, E-2C Hawkeyes, and the group he flew with, the Screwtops. Even though he does not fly for the navy anymore, he still wears the jacket regularly, and sometimes, he will let me wear it. I always feel so comforted when I wear this jacket and am reminded of the dedication my dad had to his work, as well as his love of flying. This love of flying was passed on to me and this shared love is something that I cherish.

– MV

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