White Family Violin

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The White family violin was bought by my great great grandfather, William White in the mid to late 1800s. The violin has been in the White family for about 150 years. William had played the violin, and when his son Everett W. White, my great grandfather was a child he played the violin as well. Everett played the violin for eight years, while he was playing the instrument he would take the streetcar to his lessons. The violin was then passed down to my grandfather Russell E. White. My grandfather only played the violin for one year. The violin was never passed down to my uncle Russell E. White Jr. When my grandfather passed away in 2013 the violin became my grandmothers. What is special about this item is that it is one of the only items in the White family to be passed down through generations. The violin was a massed produced Stradivarius knock off. During the late 1800s, the violins were massed produced in foreign countries. As time went on the violin became less important to the White family, and it now serves no purpose to my family.

– Sage Works

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