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colorful, and full of journeys.
colorful, and full of journeys.

The morning of July 8, 2014 Mina got on a plane from Macedonia. She transferred 2 planes just to get to New York. She immigrated here because she wanted a better life and education. When she arrived, the first thing she saw was Manhattan and Brooklyn. She was so nervous because she thought that she was on the wrong plane, so the next thing she did was ask a stranger. It turns out that she wasn't lost. Mina was worried because she thought that her English was horrible and because of that, she would make no friends. As a normal 11 year girl, Mina didn't know what to think of middle school. Mina thought that Macedonia and New York would be the same because as you're immigrating to a new country, you never know what to expect. But when she got here she was so shocked to see how New York really looked. She was excited about traveling but she was concerned about her family because they would be living in a terrible country while she will be living the luxury life. The object that mina brought was a diary because as a young girl, she wrote bible quotes and how her day went. On the front page of the book it says 'peace' & 'heart' with the actual signs, and lots of color. This object is  important to her because she treasured a lot of memories that kept her closer to her family even though they were thousands of miles apart. It is important for people to learn about immigrants and their experiences because they will understand their journey. 

Place(s): Macedonia
Year: 2014

– Kimberly

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child