Wedding photo

The photo conveys that without migration, me and my sister would be non-existent. Both of my parents are immigrants from different countries. My mom is from China, while my dad is from India. My mom arrived to NYC from a young age and luckily, she Americanized quickly. My dad arrived to NYC at the age 18 by himself to learn about the city and worked at different jobs to sustain himself but he is fluent in English. He started to work at a large department store in Manhattan where he and my mom met since she was the manager of the department store. My mom took the biggest risk in marrying my dad because she broke old traditions and was looked down upon for not marrying someone with the same ethnicity. She kept it a secret to her parents for a while until she was pregnant with me and they were very disappointed and upset with her. If one of them or neither arrived to NYC, I wouldn't be here typing up the story. Both of my parents would've married someone who follows tradition and same beliefs as their parents.

Year: 1976

– Zahira Chhibber

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