We Grew Up in the Same Place


My grandparents moved to Palo Alto in 1966, and we have had three generations live in the house. My grandparents fled from Europe during World War 2 and dropped their cultural identity because of it. I feel this house and this hometown really represent my family and what we have become. Foothill Park is a protected piece of land within the town. It has been a family tradition to go every Sunday instead of church. There, my family would have picnics, hike, and play frisbee or other games. My mom had her first kiss at Foothill Park, and coincidentally, I did too. My grandma used to take me on walks when I was a toddler by the lake and we would play Big Foot (I was too little to manage the hikes yet). This town holds more memories for our family then any material items. Growing up in the same house that my mother grew up in means a lot to me and I plan on raising my family in the house. The house is full of art that my Grandpa and mom painted together. We may have lost our cultural identity during the war, but this town gave me and my mom a new culture.

Place(s): Palo Alto
Year: 1966

– April

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant