Sifa Kizombo

Relationship: Im/migrant

The flag of Burundi represents my identity and my heritage.  In Burundi, things are beautiful but expensive, such as food, clothes, and more.  It is too hot there, and we don't have snow in my country of Burundi.  I am Sifa. I was born in Burundi, and I moved to the United States on February 13, 2017.  I want to talk about my country.  The food we like to eat in my country is rice and beans.  When I came to  America, I was so impressed when I saw people using cell phones in the classroom, because in my country if a student uses his/her cell phone in the classroom, the Mister or Miss who sees the cell phone is going to take it.  In my country, no one is allowed to use a cell phone in the classroom.  I was also impressed to see the snow in this country because in my country there's no snow or cold, so it was my first time to see snow.  In my country, we cannot celebrate Halloween, and if someone celebrates Halloween, people are going to call them a witch or something bad, but in America, they celebrate Halloween, and it is simple for them.  The first time I saw the statues and decorations people put on their doors on Halloween, I ran and went to tell my mom that I saw evil things on the doors, and my mom told me it is okay because people from this country celebrate Halloween.  I have faced many changes since moving to the USA from Burundi.  

Place(s): Africa
Year: 2017

– sifa kizombo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant