In Attire

Throughout history my family has had a special heirloom passed around for 3 centuries. My grandfather originally from Italy had came to the Americas with not much. As he traveled there were a few things that he was able to bring on this journey. When he came to the United States, he was able to bring something with him that he considered special. My Grandfather brought a watch that he wore as he grew up in Italy to the United States. My Grandfather had then passed down this watch to my Mother. My Mother cherished this watch dearly and told me should would sometimes wear it when she missed my Grandpa. My Mother had then kept this unique watch in a sun-glass case so that she was able to always remember that the watch was in a safe and different place than the rest of the watches she owned. I first heard this story very recently when I asked if we had any family artifacts. Lucky for me my mom still had the watch. Not only was I able to look at the watch and take a picture of the watch, my mom had then given the watch to me. I now hope that I am able to take care of this watch and someday pass it onto my kids and be blessed enough to tell them the story I am telling you today. My grandfather not only loved this watch, but was able to protect this heirloom when traveling to the United States and was fortunate enough to now pass it to a 3 generations and hopefully many more to come.

– unknown

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